Covet Fashion Cheats Hack To Earn Free Unlimited Diamonds Cash

covet fashion cheats

Covet Fashion Hack

Covet Fashion is the game for dresses, shopping and hairstyles that is developed and published by CrowdStar for the Android and iOS users.


Covet Fashion will give you a fantastic gaming experience if you have proper knowledge of Covet fashion cheats and hacks.

Covet Fashion is the game where you dressed up with the designer clothes and accessories from the latest real-world fashion brands and enter into the fashion show to showcase your style.

In 2013 the game was released, and since then it is a big hit and loved by all the fashion lovers. The game will help you to increase your fashion sense and also full fill your shopping desires because you can shop the best styles in the game.

There are three types of currencies in the game to use, i.e. diamonds, tickets and money out of which diamonds are primary currency.

If you want to make you game better then you have to know some legal covets fashion hack and cheats that help you to go further in the game.

If you are also playing the game and want to know how to unlock everything on Covet Fashion, then follow simple covet fashion cheats that actually work for earning resources in the game.

Top 10 Covet Fashion Cheats and Hacks For Unlimited Diamonds

1. Grab Daily Allowances

Collecting the daily bonuses is the first most easy covet fashion hack that helps you to collect 100 diamonds and 20 tickets daily.

Play the game regularly or not but don’t forget to grab your daily allowance in the game. This will really help to make your game more fantastic.

2. Unlock the Jet Set Destinations

Unlocking the jet set destination is more excellent Covet fashion cheat that will offer you 500 diamonds. Style around the world and start your journey by taking entry into the jet set challenges.

Whatever scores you will earn from these challenges will be added to your travel score. You can check your travel score by visiting your closet. Continue earning the travel points until you unseal the next destination in this challenge.

3. Link Your Game with Facebook

Linking your game with Facebook is following in the list of covet fashion hack. From Facebook, you can invite friends to play the game who are not playing this game and also earn $1000 free covet cash.

When you link the Facebook account to the game, then you can borrow the garments from friends and members of the fashion house. You can even save the progress of you game to play on other devices.

If you are game is in early stages then you cannot borrow items from your friends, so in that case linking your game account with Facebook will help you in this matter.

4. Participate in Style Challenges

Style challenges is one of the great covet fashion cheats that help you to earn extra rewards. Style challenges are the challenge which helps to shine your style to win cash, diamonds and many other prizes.

Some challenges in this need the specific garments to enter in style challenges, and you will get the list of requirements in the description section. You need to have tickets to make an entry in the style challenges.

Once the style challenge completed with the voting phase, then you will get a message in the inbox with the result for your looks.

If you enter in the daily challenges, then you will get $500 as a reward, and you can even earn 25 diamonds if you receive a score of 4.5 or higher in this challenge.

If you get success to grab the perfect score of 5.80 in these style challenges, then you can get 5000 diamonds, so don’t forget to use this covet fashion hack.

You have to keep in mind that if your score is 4 or less than it then you will not get any rewards in your account.

5. Participate in Runway Rallies

Runway rallies is one of the best covet fashion hack to grab some exclusive freebies every month. You and your fashion house have to work together for this.

Winning will be more straightforward if more fashion house members will participate in these rallies and possibilities of victory will also be increased.

There are specific numbers of challenges, and the goal is to complete them to earn small, medium and large rewards. You can receive diamonds, garments and hair accessories as a reward in these rallies.

6. Take Part in Daily 500 Event

Daily 500 is one more interesting in-game event, and an excellent covet fashion hack that will give surety of the reward.

This event doesn’t have any specific requirements, and you can enter into the event with the items that you own and also with the items you purchased from the game store.

In this event, losing or winning doesn’t matter. You will get the $500 in-game cash just as a participating reward.

7. Link with an Active Fashion House

The fashion house is the place where you can chat and discuss with the fashion lovers and participate in multiple in-game events to earn bigger prizes.

Connecting with the progressive fashion house is one of the useful covet fashion cheats that make your win easy in different competition.

You can create your own fashion house as well and invite your friends to join it. You can earn up to $20 K prizes if you participate in the runway rallies with a progressive fashion house.

8. Visit the Premium Store Regularly

Premium store is the place where you can take benefit of different discount offers. These offers may also help you to give Covet Fashion unlimited diamonds or Covet Fashion unlimited cash for 1 hr or 2 hr depending on the decision made by the game developers.

These premium stores also offer you different commercials, and by watching these commercials, you can earn diamonds. Well watching ads may use your data connection, but this is the handy Covet fashion hack that gives you diamonds without any hard work.

9. Raise the Value of Your Closet

Raising the value of the closet is one of the fantastic Covet fashion cheats that help you to open the next level.

The progressing report can be tracked from the progress bar that is around your profile picture. Whatever garments you collect as prize or purchase from the store will add to your value of the closet.

Tracking your progress report will keep you update about the value of your closet and also gives you an idea about how much value is to be added to unlock the latest set of hairstyles and make-ups.

10. Voting Plays Vital Role

Voting is one of the best Covet Fashion cheats to earn more tickets. As a responsible player of this game, doing fair voting is your duty.

Your vote must be fair because even if you have favourites then also you have to vote based on the theme of the challenges. Voting on looks entered into the style challenges will help the player to grab the tickets as a reward.

11. Complete the Offers

Completing the offers is one more excellent Covet fashion hack that will help you to earn more diamonds. You can take a look at the offers in the premium store. You only have to tap the earn tab on the offers, and it will display the various diamond rewards program.

Some offers help you to grab 15000 diamonds so focus on such offers through which you earn the diamonds in bulk.

If you have patience and can wait to earn the diamonds, then the game will also hold the double diamond events which will double the amount of diamond you won in the game.

On the other hand, you can even earn thousands of diamonds through fulfilling the surveys conducted by the game.

What is the Reality Behind Covet Fashion Diamond Generators & Covet fashion MOD Apk?

Many online hack tools provide Covet Fashion hack apk, which are fake, and one should not opt for such illegal gaming practices.

Diamond generators and mod apk always do malpractices. If you are using such illegal ways to earn Covet Fashion unlimited money or other resources, then you are cheating with the game.

Generators and mod apk may have a virus that causes harm to your device. These kinds of hack tools always attract people by promising them to give unlimited resources in the game without any human verification. But it is not true at all when you try to use such tools they ask your game account details, email id etc.

I will request you all not to do cheating in the game because fair gameplay by using the real tips and tricks will enhance your gaming experience.

Attention: The only way to get “Unlimited” resources is to pay the real cash. Spending real money will only help you by giving maximum resources at minimum price. No any source through which you get the unlimited resources that will last for lifelong.


All that we can say is to enhance your gaming experience use only real Covet fashion cheats and hacks that work positively.

Don’t forget to share your views on this guide provided by us. Stay tuned for more details. Till then, be a fashionistas!

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