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last shelter survival cheats

Last Shelter Survival Hack

Today we will discuss a post-apocalypse game induced with base building and defending. Long Tech network has made another successful attempt in android gaming, and the game is buzzing. If you wish to be a commander of a world full of zombies and try to survive by creating a base of yourself, you must play Last Shelter Survival.

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If you want to earn free unlimited diamonds in last shelter survival then this post is for you, Just read the top 15 last shelter survival cheats and hacks list below.

Top 15 Last Shelter Survival Cheats to Earn Unlimited Diamonds & Money

1. Kill Zombies And Get Money

Zombies might be a non-entertaining creature for you, but they are an excellent source of cash in the game. The Last Shelter Survival cheats here are the big stereo that you will find outside your fence.

When you play the stereo, the herd of zombies will get attracted through the music, and you can kill them at one shot. Every Deadman gives you a specific amount of money in the game mad at the end they provide you with a box full of cash.

But there is another thing you have to keep in mind. After a single use of stereo, it requires some time to get cool down. You need to wait approximately four minutes to get it recharged. So when you are short of money, use this trick and earn a handful of it.

2. Rebel Camps Are Your Target

Rebel camps are another Last Shelter Survival hack tool to earn money in the game. You will find more rebel camp in the world map scattered at different places. As you run down these camps, you will receive money in rewards.

Last Shelter Survival hack to attack any rebel camp is the opportunity to secure your troop with some upgraded hero and fighters. Once you receive some enhanced heroes, you can use this trick and earn money.

3. Follow the Main Story Quest

In the beginning, the gameplay has to be managed in the tutorial mode. The best way to learn the game is to follow the chapters of the main story quests. You will receive some tasks, and upon accomplishment of that rewards will be given.

There is a Last Shelter Survival hack to complete the tasks in the fast track. In the game, you will find one short cut for each job. The tasks are linked to each shortcut that will take you to the place related to it. You can efficiently complete the task and collect the reward through it.

4. Daily Challenges

The game also sets for some daily Challenges. You can unlock the daily challenge after you enter an alliance.

The daily challenges get reset every morning, and the rewards to it go directly to the Inbox. But there are tips to remember- you need to collect the rewards from the Inbox before they get expired. In lost Survival, the bonuses get expired after a certain period, and you miss it if you have not collected prior.

Another Last Shelter Survival hack to secure double benefit is to combine the daily challenge and the story mode. You have to identify some tasks which are common in both the method. As a result, when you achieve them, you get a double reward.

5. Take Part in Events

Events are frequently arranged in the game, and they are excellent Last Shelter Survival tips to earn last shelter survival unlimited diamond. But we suggest being sure before entering these events. If your team is not upgraded and you are having only one or two starred heroes, going for the Events is not an option.

But in building event when you have to upgrade the buildings, you can easily make some quick cash.

6. Get Money From the Bank

Money can be earned through banks in Last Shelter Survival, although the process seems to be slow for many gamers. There is a Last Shelter Survival hack which helps to improve the cashbox, and that is the population. More population you will have the bank will have more cash. You can enhance your community using the following Last Shelter Survival cheats.

Upgrade your residential houses to improve the number of the worker. If you follow the main story quest, it will provide you rewards also for upgrading the Houses, and in a passive way, your money at the bank will improve.

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Another excellent Last Shelter Survival hack to follow is to keep your ration transport trucks filled up. It will attract more strangers to your base, and in turn, they will affect your bank.

7. Link Your Account

Linking your account with the game account of IM30 is always beneficial. You will not lose your game account even you stop playing it for a long time.

Linking your account is excellent Last Shelter Survival hack to gain 100 free diamonds. You will get this as a reward when you bind any of your Facebook or Google account for the first time.

To link your account, you need to go to the middle bar of your top of screen and tap on it. It will redirect you to connect the account. But for those who play with Last Shelter Survival hack apk cannot do the same.

After you link your account, you need to go to your Inbox, as the 100 free diamonds will come to your Inbox.

8. Join With an Alliance

Alliances are the best Last Shelter Survival cheats to get maximum benefit. Unless you join an association, your daily challenges remain inaccessible. At the onset, it is challenging to find an active alliance, and the best way to join one is to go for the quick connect. The Ai will connect with an Alliance, and you can get the benefits. But once you progress the game, you can access the official forum of the game and connect with an active alliance. Make sure you are not using any Last Shelter Survival mod apk before trying to join an Alliance.

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The most significant advantage of joining an alliance for the beginners is the help on construction or upgrading. When you are part of an Alliance, you will find a sign of two hands above your building while performing an upgrade. Click on it, and it will notify your alliance members for help. You will receive support frequently form anyone active at that moment. You also need to help the others as and when possible.

9. Upgrade Leading Hero of Resistance

These are the passive ways of earning money in last shelter survival as it requires considerable time to get the upgradation. However, once you reach the upgradation, there is no other better Last Shelter Survival cheats to earn high cash out. You need to evolve your heroes- but before that the skills need to be set to the highest value.

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Depending on the skills, your hero can acquire more money. One of the best examples is when you deploy your hero with Skill 3 in a bank, you can collect 250K in a day.

10. Use Your Command Centre

Command centres can be a useful Last Shelter Survival hack tool to get some quick cash. You can sell out additional resources to others. The best resource to sell is water – but you need to upgrade your water filter and helicopter to get these advantages.

11. Explore Crates and Collect the Resource

Exploration to new areas for some quickly earned resources is essential Last Shelter Survival cheats to follow. After you acquire an area expanding your base, you will get some crates. Send your construction vehicle to that crate, and you will earn money, food or oil.

12. Find Animal and Collect Last Shelter Survival Unlimited Diamond

You will find dangerous animals roaming around your base camp. Do not worry as they are the Last Shelter Survival hack to collect diamonds. When you click on these animals, you will receive two diamonds. So find more animals and collect diamond when you have free time.

13. Don’t Hurry to Upgrade to Level 6

Following tips for playing the game safe is not to rush to reach level six and do not update your base camp to 6 till you complete the upgradation of all your building.

As you reach level 6, your protection shield is disabled. Now you are more prone to be raided by other players. So before you reach it gather last shelter survival unlimited all resource and upgrade all your training camps. You need to concentrate on improving your hero as well to the maximum skill. So finally, when you are all set, then expose yourself to the open world.

14. Pay Attention to Research

The gameplay improvement is achieved when you complete Research. Most of the player overlook researches and stay busy in war. Performing Research is an essential Last Shelter Survival hack to boost your camp and its resources. Accomplish more studies to gain the maximum out of it.

15. Be a Trader at the Beginning

There are three class in the game, Farmer, trader and Raider. You can choose any of these three classes, but till you reach level 10, you cannot change for free. If you are concentrated to make more money and your gameplay suits you to stay away from war till level 10 chose trader. You won’t need any Last Shelter Survival mod apk for unlimited money. After you reach level 10, you can change to any class.

Final Words

Lost Survival is an excellently designed game if you know the basic and do not play the game with Last Shelter Survival hack apk.  The tutorial series make you aware of all the aspects, but if you know the Last Shelter Survival cheats from the beginning, it will help you a lot. Trust that after reading our post, you can use all of them and be a master Commander in Chief.

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